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Entorno privilegiado en Las Mezquetillas Casa de Paz
Vacas angus en Las Mezquetillas Casa de Paz
Fauna de Las Mezquetillas Casa de Paz

Get to know the rich fauna that inhabits our environment. Roe deer, foxes, etc., and even attend natural spectacles, such as the deer bellowing, in the late afternoon, in autumn.

Avistamiento de aves rapaces desde Las Mezquetillas Casa de Paz
Birds raptors

Enjoy from our privileged location the spectacle of watching birds of prey fly, such as imperial eagles, griffon vultures, eagle owls or kites.

Vistas de la montaña desde Las Mezquetillas Casa de Paz

Forest of wild olive trees, strawberry trees, cork oak forests, holm oak forests, stone pine forests, carob forests.
Wild flora.


Unique activities in a unique environment, by the hand of DOÑANA WINGS.
Little by little we will incorporate new activities.

  • Descubre distintas especies de Orquídea
  • Descubre distintas especies de Orquídea
  • Descubre distintas especies de Orquídea

The Las Mezquetillas estate is immersed in the Sierra de Grazalema, one of the areas with the greatest botanical wealth in Andalusia. Within the farm itself, between the end of February and the end of April, it is possible to find several species of wild orchids in bloom.

Wild orchids, in addition to their colorful and curious shapes, stand out for their sophisticated strategies to be pollinated, imitating the shapes, colors and even the pheromones of certain species of insects.

We propose you to discover the different species that we can find in the Las Mezquetillas farm, accompanied by a biologist who will accompany you to the best points to observe them while we discover all their secrets.

— Duration: 5 hours.
— Price: €45/person (minimum 5 people or €225)

  • Avistamiento de aves
  • Avistamiento de aves

Las Mezquetillas is a true paradise for birds. Its location within the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, and the varied habitats that we can find (meadows, forests, reservoir…) mean that the number of species that we can observe is very high.
Undoubtedly the most outstanding group is that of the raptors, the griffon vultures constantly fly over the farm, since we are very close to several vultures. But without a doubt the most outstanding birds of prey that we can observe are the Bonelli’s eagle and the Egyptian vulture, both highly threatened and which also breed in the vicinity. As for smaller birds, we can see countless finches, goldfinches, linnets, tits, tits… And thanks to the presence of the reservoir we also have some waterfowl such as herons and grebes. Accompanied by an expert ornithologist, who will provide you with binoculars so that you do not miss a single detail, you will be able to discover this incredible variety of birds while we walk around the farm.

— Duration: 8 hours.
— Price: €50/person (minimum 5 people or €250)